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The author and artist painting in her basement studio.

Julie Larm began painting in 2003, after her first encounter with angels.With no formal training and having never painted before, she began painting upon the angels' urging. Julie now paints on a daily basis and has transformed the basement of her home into an art studio that never closes. Julie is a mother of five living in Omaha Nebraska.
Her book, Wings of Color, is a story of angels conquering evil — both on an individual and global level. Her story is a personal account of angelic and daily divine encounters, as well as being a more universal story — one that the angels asked her to share with the world.
With a colorful palette that the angels tell her to use, Julie creates vibrant compositions and intriguing imagery on a broad range of subjects — also given to her by the angels.
She invites you to read Wings of Color, and the incredible story of angelic intervention behind her foray into art.
As a prolific artist, Julie has created an impressive body of work which can be viewed in her online gallery and store.